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We do have people spelling it Pimsler, Pimslor, Pimslur and Pimslir
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17 December 2008

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With globalization, more and more people are looking at ways to quickly learn foreign languages to improve their professional careers. However many of them after spending considerable time with books and even personal tutors fail to achieve dexterity in speech and diction in the language they are trying to learn. Now if you are looking at tool that can help in learning the correct pronunciation of words and speak a language like a native, then you need to check out the remarkable Spell Pimsleur 1.0. It boasts of using the legendary learning technique devised by Dr. Paul Pimsleur and comes loaded with interactive audio lessons that can immediately shorten your learning curve.

The Spell Pimsleur is great tool for learning a foreign language and its intuitive application assists the user to adopt the language in day to day activity, rather than just learning the bookish meanings and conjugate verbs, without having the fluency to speak. The interactive audio lessons make the learning process a cakewalk without the help of any textbooks. A vast array of foreign languages in its kitty, this application provides the best courses for teaching the vocabulary along with using it in a general conversation with a national. The methodology has been developed through meticulous research and experience, and the organization of the study material has been garnered with great efforts to enable the user acquire confidence over the language with considerable ease and transparency. Since, the study involves no books or paper, the learning is extremely comfortable for the user while doing any extra activity.

Dynamic and immensely user friendly, Spell Pimsleur 1.0 is a bonus for all foreign language students, ad earns a rating score of four for its user friendly and power packed performance. The application is also likely find usage in many foreign language schools and it offers their students a great way to learn.

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We do have people spelling it Pimsler, Pimslor, Pimslur and Pimslir. But these spellings are all wrong. The right way to spell Pimsleur is P-I-M-S-L-E-U-R.
We all like to have our names spelled correctly and this is especially true for the internet. Google helps us with spelling when we spell a word incorrectly. It asks us: Did you mean: pimsleur
You get better results on the internet if you spell the word correctly.
Pimsleur Language Courses were developed by Dr. Paul Pimsleur. He taught at the University of California in Los Angles (UCLA), Columbia University, Ohio State University, State University of New York at Albany, and lectured at Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg as a Fulbright lecturer. He was instrumental in developing the Pimsleur Language Aptitude Battery (PLAB) which is used to calculate language aptitude by measuring verbal intelligence, auditory ability and motivation. PLAB is used today to determine a person's language learning aptitude or even a language learning disability among secondary school students.
What does this do for you in learning a language?
The Pimsleur Courses are the best courses available to help you learn to Speak a Language. Many courses teach you endless vocabulary and a lot about a language. But there is none better in teaching you how to Speak a Language.
If your objective is learning to speak in a foreign tongue then you want to use a Pimsleur Course. Many people have tried learning to speak a new language and have failed until they come across a Pimsleur Course.
Be smart and start with Pimsleur. Learn to speak and afterwards to help you expand on your skills then pick up the Flash Cards, Verb Dictionary, Vocabulary Lists and Reading Foreign Language Books. Give yourself a head start and help your learning curve.
Spell Pimsleur
Spell Pimsleur
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